Mayfair Hypnotherapy

Mayfair Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy in the heart of London

My approach to hypnotherapy is evidence-based, effective and integrative. 

Begin a journey of self-awareness and self-acceptance, reduce inner conflict, build better relationships, and live closer to your true values.

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About Me

I am Caroline. G. Silvestre, and I am a certified Hypno-CBT® Therapist. I am a graduate member of the British Psychological Society, the General Hypnotherapy Register, and of the International Association For Relationship Research.

My goal is to enable people to feel more confident, relaxed, and empowered to lead their best lives.

During my previous executive career I often struggled with stress, and I found executive coaching extremely helpful. I became more capable of holding my composure, learnt to handle conflict, communicate more effectively, and emotionally stronger. I then decided to re-train as a psychological wellbeing professional, having seen the astonishing benefit this service can provide.

Although every client is unique, I tend to examine existing fears, beliefs, and communication patterns as these are the most common sources of discomfort and lack of clarity. The language we use shapes our thoughts which, in turn, shape our feelings and attitude to others. Making improvements to self-talk lead to improvement in thought clarity and emotional resilience.

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how I can help

My work helps clients overcome a series of complaints, including: Stress Management | Habit reversal | Sleep improvement | Assertiveness training | Conflict management | Anxiety improvement | Goal-achieving (exam preparation, problem-solving, athletic performance).

habit reversal

Stress & Anxiety Management

habit reversal

Habit Reversal

habit reversal


Relationships & Post-breakup recovery

Assertiveness Training

Executive Coaching

Hypnotherapy & Depression

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Career & Motivation

What We Charge

I recommend 90 minute sessions because 60 minutes fly by. Most clients find the longer sessions better, but if you are squeezed for time then 60-min sessions are available.

Many clients have found a 3-hour session extremely useful when working on a specific theme. This is popular for getting clarity over a current problem in a short period of time.

Discounts for NHS workers and people on benefits or in unemployment available (£60 for a 1-hour session). Contact me to discuss.

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